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6 Reasons to support the Duke of Marlborough campaign


Tax Relief

Investors or lenders should be able to claim 30% tax relief on their input through the government’s SITR (Social Investment Tax Relief) scheme. In the case of a loan, savers will effectively be earning 7%per annum. Banks and building societies are rarely paying 3% at the moment, which makes 7% extremely appealing!

Community Ownership

The Duke of Marlborough will be a pub owned and run by the very same people who frequent it. Community ownership provides a by-the-people for-the-people approach with the community’s best interests at heart. Everyone who invests will have a stake in the Duke, and everyone who invests will have a say in its future, and be welcome to attend meetings and gatherings to discuss the pub.

Saving Britain’s pubs

With xx pubs closing every week, it’s important to fight back against the cull of local pubs. The Dukeof Marlborough is just one pub, but the slowing of pub closures will have to happen one at a time.We’re confident the Duke can become a successful pub again, as it was never unsuccessful–its owners merely retired. Dating back 500 years, the Duke has served Somersham for centuries. It would be a real shame to see that stop.

Part-own a pub

If you invest, you will be an official co-owner of the Duke of Marlborough pub. This is an exciting opportunity for anybody who has wished to be a publican, but didn’t have the time or funds to do so. You’ll get to be a pub-owner without any of the hassle or long-hours usually associated with the position.

A Warm Welcome

It’s not just about owning a pub, it’s also about having a pub to use and visit. Once open, the Duke will extend a warm welcome to any patrons, and offer a calm, relaxed atmosphere to relax or socialise in. The Duke was, and will be, a fantastic pub, and we’re sure it will become your go-to when you’re looking for a pint.

Re-establish a successful and welcoming pub

In the UK, 29 pubs close every week. In December 2014, the Duke of Marlborough joined them, but not for the reasons you might expect. The pub was not losing money, and it had a healthy base of patrons. Rather, the owners simply retired. It was the only pub within Somersham, and so has left avoid within the village. Buying and re-opening the Duke of Marlborough will allow a successful and missed pub to once again become the heart of the community.

There are plenty of reasons to invest in or lend money to the save the duke campaign and we hope you will choose to do so. Shares are sold at £50 each, with a minimum buy of 5 shares.

To invest,please visit www.savetheduke.net or fill in the cheque form overleaf.

We are asking for loans of between £5000 and £50,000, which will be paid back over a period of four years. To lend money to save the duke, please contact x at x or x.

If you want to help the Duke but don’t want to invest or loan, then there are two options. Firstly, you can invest your time, and help us raise awareness of the campaign. 

 Alternatively, you can go to our websitewww.savetheduke.net and donate to save the duke. Any donation helps get us one step closer to opening the pub doors, so any amount is greatly appreciated.