Campaign and project plans will be clear and concise. Messages will be compelling and consistent. Activities will be inventive and relevant. They will use the right medium, adopt the right tone and hit the right targets.

Of course there will be press releases, but they’ll be well positioned, with strong angles, good stories – and captivating photos. We know what works and what doesn’t. We understand what print and broadcast journalists are looking for. Years of experience helps. So does the ability to see things from others’ viewpoints. We’re good at that – even though we say so ourselves.

Naturally, we’ll also be turning our minds to what can be achieved through media relations, key influencer engagement, social media, and events. Whether

  • raising the profile of your company
  • reporting financial results
  • building the reputation of your services
  • running brand campaigns
  • launching new products
  • leveraging your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activity
  • creating a recruitment drive and developing your employer brand

we’ll find your golden threads and weave them into a narrative your audiences will respond to.