35 years and 10 billion loaves later, Sue Reeve retires from Edme

After 35 years, Sue Reeve has retired from malted ingredients company Edme. In 1981, Sue joined Edme on a six-week contract. Far from outstaying her welcome, she has been a valuable member of the team, and one who will be missed.

Dealing with customer requirements is clearly a special talent of Sue’s. She has been the point of contact for hundreds of customers over the years, and has helped ensure the company’s continued success. During her time at Edme, the company has made and sold around 1.2 million tonnes of product – that’s enough for 10 billion loaves of bread!

"I’ve had so much support from managing directors right through to everyone in sales, transport and production." Says Sue, "All across the board everyone has been great." Sue’s attitude of gratitude is reflected by colleagues, who speak very highly of Sue and the work she has done over the years.

"Sue has filled so many different roles that it’s hard to know which of her many skills to praise her for", says Edme sales director Mike Carr. "What I do know is that she will be missed by people in every role at Edme, and we’d like to thank her for all of her contributions over the years."

Sue’s willingness to learn and acquire new skills is typical of her time with the company, and it is this ethic she wishes to impart to any young person about to begin a career in the industry. "Learn what you can and take on what you can. The more you have a go at, the more skills you develop and ultimately the better you will be."

Having worked numerous roles inside of Edme, Sue definitely goes by her own advice. Wherever she went, things remained running smoothly. As Mike Carr says "Edme will always be a team effort. Sue may not have been solely responsible for 10 billion loaves of bread, but without her efforts, I’m not sure it would have been possible either."

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