Trade and Consumer PR

Yes, times they are a-changing. Information isn’t containable in the way that it once was. Broadcasting and publishing have been transformed by online platforms and social media. The advent of citizen photo-journalists is transferring power into the hands of the many. We understand the benefits of putting out instant information, and getting instant reactions, however, your company has to work harder on all fronts to get its positive messages across. Plus it needs to protect itself from blunders that could damage its reputation.  

But these days, it’s both what you know and who you know. Thankfully, we have an extensive network of contacts within the trade press and the wider media. If you have a message that deserves to be heard, we will ensure that it is.

Our approach is to see both sides. Pushing out dull, self-centred messages doesn’t work. But if you take the time to understand what journalists are really looking for, you make it easy for them to give you the coverage you want.

One of our specialities is creating stories from data. Working from company facts or market information, we can develop compelling new narratives about your business and your brand. That way, your marketing messages are backed up by solid facts, not conjecture.