So here’s the thing. There’s a whole load of hidden talent in people; hidden achievements in companies; hidden innovations in the market. There are businesses and brands whose contribution to the economic and social well-being of the region and of Britain goes unrecognised. That’s where Red Flame comes in. We will get to the bottom of your business, searching out what is best about you, creating cogent strategy, weaving compelling narrative and getting your story heard.

For intelligent, insightful and inspirational corporate and community communications, trade and consumer PR, events and executive mentoring, look no further. Between us we’ve worked at all levels and in almost every sector, including education, the arts, charity and public services - as well as industry. So let’s get together and explore what makes your business and brands so special. We’ll discuss what you want to achieve, your main targets and wider audiences. Then we’ll work out how best to reach them. Likelihood is there’ll be a multi-layered approach. However it’s done, it won’t be dull, self-regarding press releases packed with jargon and distributed indiscriminately.