Ingredients Tell a Story

Ingredients are a key part of your ‘product positioning’, the narrative around your products. To tell an interesting story, use special ingredients!

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In addition to our wholegrain and malted flour selection, there are many more specialty flours that can add real value to your recipes. They can help deliver exceptional results at the same time as providing functional benefits. And they can make a great contribution to your narrative.

Gram, Besan or Chickpea

Take gram or besan flour as an example. Made entirely from chickpeas, it has high fibre content and up to six times more protein than white all-purpose flour. It’s an excellent natural source of folate, vitamin B6, iron magnesium and potassium. The pleasant slightly nutty flavour works across a wide range of baked goods and - as restaurateur Yotam Ottolenghi advocates - in numerous savoury and sweet dishes.



BuckwheatAnother example is buckwheat, a fruit seed high in protein and soluble fibre - and richer in zinc, copper, potassium and manganese than cereal grains. The distinctive, almost bitter notes add depth of flavour to recipes. Used extensively in Eastern European cooking for centuries, buckwheat is now gaining its day in the spotlight among British bakers and food manufacturers searching to deliver something new and exciting.


Fava, Amaranth, Chia, Maize, Sorghum etc

There are also great opportunities to distinguish your products with flours made from fava (broad bean), amaranth, chia, maize, rice, sorghum and linseed – to name but a few! You probably know that the classic French baguette contains a proportion of fava flour? We can tell you so much more – and of course supply the very best on the market. We’d be delighted to discuss the attributes, functional benefits and applications of the whole range of speciality flours.

Gluten Free

Oh yes, did we forget to mention? Each of these flours is gluten free. They are produced on site in our separated, strictly gluten-free mills.

Invite Us to Help…

So whether you are looking to differentiate your offer with nutritious flours that have a story to tell, or to enhance your gluten free products or product range with the finest speciality flours, give us a ring on 01206 393725 or email to arrange a meeting. Our technical experts are at the ready.