Family clocks up 200 years of service

Carol Townes joined the food ingredients company Edme in 1983 as a production worker, working her way up to move from the factory to become a purchasing supervisor.  Now Carol is retiring, but her family’s link to the company very much remains.

Both past and present, she has had a total of nine family members, including her father, husband, and son, at Edme, clocking in over 200 years of service. That’s longer than Edme has been open!

Edme turn raw materials into high quality flours or flakes which then go into baked goods all around Britain. With that in mind, Carol’s family have helped people all over the country get excellent food on their plate.  For 20 years Carol has ensured that the company is sourcing the best quality ingredients, acting as the point of contact for grain and seed merchants.

Not only has Carol’s family worked in all sorts of roles within Edme, Carol herself has held a wide variety of positions. She began work canning malt syrup, before working in services, ordering in the mill, handling contract packing, before finally becoming a purchasing supervisor.

“You make some really good friends over the years,” says Carol, “especially working together as a team as you get to learn so much from one another.

“In particular Steve has been a superb boss. He has a great sense of humour, and really makes everyone feel like they are a part of a team.”

Carol has truly made her mark at Edme, and her sentiment is reflected by Steve. “We are all really sad to see Carol go, she has been a great asset to the company.” says commercial director Stephen Johnson “Her loyalty and passion for the role has made her a pleasure to work with. Her family’s tie to Edme remains, but we are all going to miss Carol.”

“Now that I’ve retired, I’m looking forward to spending more time with my family. I have two granddaughters, one which is just about to take her 11+ and start high school and the other which is in primary school – so there is plenty to keep me on my toes!”